Relax. It’s only a Splinter.

In its short life, the internet has gone through a number of geological ages.  Terms like “Net 2.0” have been coined to place markers on these transition points.  Another one is starting to make its rounds, and unlike most of its predecessors it is coined more from a sense of foreboding than hope.  The new term is “ splinternet .” The concern expressed by the term is this: that the internet’s development is so multi-directional, not only in terms of the types of software and coding standards used, but in the development of physical technologies that interface with them, that the internet is going to essentially “break apart.”  Instead of being a cohesive whole, the internet is going to “splinter” into small islands that can only easily communicate with each other, goes the theory. Sounds like scary stuff, doesn’t it?  It might be if it were grounded in a rational worry.  It is not

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Relax. It’s only a Splinter.

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