Guarantees – Separating Fact from Fiction

As web hosting companies continue to try to get a leg up on one another, many of them include in their offerings different types of “guarantees”.  This is the point at which we remember that, like any other, these are businesses, and the “guarantee” is a marketing tactic. We also remember, though, that this word does still mean something: it bounds the web host to certain types of behavior, with potential consequences if they don’t follow through.  What do guarantees mean then, and what can you expect if your host can’t meet them? Disk space and bandwidth – Not so much One of the most popular is the guarantee of “unlimited” disk space and bandwidth .  It shouldn’t take too much of a technical expert to be suspicious of this one.  Of course, disk space and bandwidth can’t possibly be unlimited.  Walk into any one web host right now, and you can calculate the precise amount of data they can hold and data transfer they can handle.  Granted, those numbers will boggle you if you think about them too long.

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Guarantees – Separating Fact from Fiction

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